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Adventure is an addictive drug.

Some insane riders have the wildest desires to ride the longest stretch in the least time, while some choose to ride where no road exists. Whatever reason gets your blood pumping,we are there to back you up.
We are as interested as you, to rip the highways and ride the unridable, and we know what it takes to accomplish it…

Our gear is made for YOU-The Rider


We strive to make sure that your order gets shipped right away.


Reach out to us for any advice on motorcycle gear


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Our payments are handled by with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance.


Serving the Indian Motorcycle Touring Community


We are Motorcyclists- Adventure Tourers, Off-Roaders, Sport-Tourers, Commuters ourselves. We love Riding Gear and Equipment, and we take it really, really seriously!


We recommend you the right products. We understand gear like no other! Our Whole hearted customer service backs up the products we sell.


We use, abuse and test each kind of product from every brand we carry, and sell them only if we know they have passed our standards of testing – Rough, prolonged abuse to the gear in every way possible!

  • Amazing equipments, amazing staffs who will guide you and explain all products in details.. You shouldn't miss this store for riding stuffs which has got the most for those spirits 😊
    Loretta Hmingchhuanmawii
    Loretta Hmingchhuanmawii
  • Excellent knowledge of riding gear and motorcycle accessories. Good service and support for after sales. I have bought a lot of stuff for my bike and gear and I happy with all my purchases.
    Samarth Nandish
    Samarth Nandish
  • India is getting the best of motorcycles but the challenge is to get quality purposeful gear to go with the bikes. IMO, one of the best places where you can get quality gear from people who use and know the product is at Biking Spirit. Stocking a variety of products for all types of bikers you can get some marque brands here at (almost) international prices. They also guide you on the products without any 'hard sell'. Great product, great team, in house mascot, awesome ambiance.. now only if they had a coffee shop to go with it :-)..life would be perfect!!
    Manoj Bawa
    Manoj Bawa
  • I love this place! The owner Rishab and the staff there are awesome. Real nice and really know what they are talking about. Coming from the US, somethings hard hard to get done here for me. But not at Biking Spirit! Customer service is amazing and they have an incredible vision they are chasing! Not many others in India that are doing what they are! Join them in this journey! You don't want to miss out!
    Joe M
    Joe M
  • I'm not sure if the collection is the best in Bangalore but the experience you get out of the shop is probably the best. The staff are knowledgeable and will insist on u making the right purchase. I admire their passion to not sell a product they don't believe would fit. I went once fr a jacket and a second time for a helmet. I didn't get either from the store, but interacting with the owner helped me make the right purchase. Kudos!
    Smruti Panda
    Smruti Panda

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