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April 13, 2018

Make or brake your day!

Brakes – Is what helps you slow down the speed of your motorcycle. By using friction against your spinning wheels, it takes away the momentum of You and your motorcycle. Brakes – It can make, or break your day!r motorcycle. Brakes – It can make, or break your day!

Almost every other rider in 2018 is so obsessed with how much power an engine puts out or, how long does it take to munch a quarter of a mile or, how ferociously it can reach breath-taking-ball-grasping speeds.The acceleration, power, handing and “brand”is all that one thinks of when they want a new motorcycle. Not to forget that a lot of riders really care a lot about how good and delicious the steed looks too…

I’m sure you heard of the saying “Speed Kills,” haven’t you? 

What if you could get rid of that killer speed? What if you could tame speed? Can you? Of course you can. Read on to know how you can let simple decisions and small parts & upgrades help you in a life and death situation. 

Brakes are found in two different varieties. The older or the more budget driven motorcycles use a drum brake, where a set of brake shoes that are placed inside the hub of the wheel rub against the hub to create friction, and thus brings you to a stop.

The more commonly spotted, modern and effective brakes are called disc brakes. This kind of braking system is far more effective, reliable, durable and easier to maintain as compared to the old school drum brakes. Disc brakes are a hydraulic system that get activated when your finger squeezes the brake lever, which pumps brake oil into the brake calipers via a brake hose that in-turn rubs brake pads against a metal disc that’s attached to your wheel. In both cases, friction is created to take away the momentum of your motorcycle, however the hydraulic brake system can be almost 10 times more effective that a drum brake.

Since we are in 2108, let’s focus on how disc brakes can save your butt on the road, and off the road too.

Key components to a Disc Brake System

Brake Lever: The adjustable levers make the non-adjustable levers feel sorry for them selves. You can fine tune this to make sure that you can keep your fingers on the levers ready to squeeze them when you need to stop.

Master Cylinder: This is the good stuff that pumps better as the diameter goes up. Larger the diameter, the more brake juice it can pump, and the faster it can pump.

Brake Fluid: An incompressible fluid that helps compress things in your brake system.

Brake Reservoir: Holds brake fluid above the master cylinder and supplies it to the master cylinder with the help of Newton’s discovery – Gravity!

Brake Lines: A pipe work of either rubber or steel braided rubber hoses that lets brake fluid run up and down to do it’s compressing work.

Brake Calipers: A magical piece of metal that houses pistons inside, which use fluid force to push the pistons in and out.

Brake Pads: The sacrificial piece of material that rubs itself against a fast moving metal disc to help you slow down.

Brake Rotors: This is the “disc” in the disc brake. Bigger the disc, more the braking surface & better the brakes.

We all agree that having a great set of brakes will definitely save our arse, right? Wrong!

What good is good equipment without knowing how to use your equipment to it’s maximum efficiency? 

Learn how to brake, when to brake and where to brake. Each brake setup is unique to itself and will vary from each motorcycle. Make sure you start off your day by getting a feel of your front and rear brakes, so that you can get a better understanding of when and how your motorcycle is going to come to a halt. Practise braking in a controlled environment like a parking lot or an empty street outside your house to get used to how your motorcycle behaves under hard braking in different scenarios. 

With all that said and done, be sure to keep your entire braking system maintained at its best at all times so that it performs at its best when you need it.

See you on the road. Ride Safe.

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