Akro Emergency Jumper Cables – EL-JC-01



For those unfortunate days when your motorcycle battery just gives up and ruins your day and your ride. The Akro Jumper Cables saves the day – use it from any 12v to 12v battery or a 24v to 24v battery. It’s 1.5-meter long heavy duty, heat resistant wires will put the juice back into your battery without getting fried. The Nickel plated copper crocodile clips and the 10 sq.mm gauge wires ensure extended life of the Jumper Cables.

2 Years warranty on wiring & croc-clips

Proudly Made in India

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  • Extremely Rugged Design
  • Heavy Duty 10 sq.mm wires
  • 1.5m length
  • Rust Proof Nickel-plated copper crocodile clips
Kit Includes:

Akro Emergency Jumper Cables x1


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