Bolt Smart Charger USB 12V for Motorcycle Handlebars


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Bolt is a Smart mobilephone charger for motorbikes. It not only charges all your gadgets (5V, 2A charging output) while you are riding but also tracks your rides – route on the map, total distance, average speed etc. The package also includes Bolt Pocket which is a pouch that straps on the bike’s fuel tank and is designed to keep the phone safe during the ride. The device has been designed to enhance the look of the motorbike. It has a unique charging indicator on the top which glows when your motorbike is turned on. Bolt also provides a free 1 year full replacement warranty for any manufacturing defects. The Bolt Red Streak has been designed to blend into your bike’s design. The detachable charger is a 45 x 45 mm black colored square unit which weighs less than 50gms. It has a red LED indicator embedded as a lightning sign making your bike look elegant.

Tha Bracket sits on permanently the bike’s handle and acts like a socket where you plugin the charger during use. The Bracket comes with a 1.5m long wire which directly connects to your bike’s battery. The design of the entire system ensures that there is no extra load on your bike’s battery when the phone is not connected.

A premium 5V 2A mobile charger designed specially to enhance the look of the motorbike
A complete experience – with Bolt Pocket (to keep your phone safe) and Bolt Riders App (to track your riding experience)
Anti-Theft detachable design
Free 1 year replacement warranty
No additional load on the battery while a mobilephone is not connected

Brand Bolt Lock
Item model number Red Streak

Inner Material Strong ABS Plastic
Outer Material Strong ABS Plastic
Material Bolt Red Streak – Strong ABS Plastic, Bolt Riders App – Android, Bolt Pocket – Strong Waterproof fabric with 4 straps with adjustable clips
Size Small
Colour Black
Included Bolt Pocket, User Manual & Warranty Activation Code (To be used in Bolt Riders App), Bracket, Screwdrivers, Nylon Fastners, 2A USB Cable to charge the phone
Amperage 2 Amps
Voltage 5 Volts
Wattage 10 Watts


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