Outex Tubeless Conversion Kit for Triumph Thunderbird LT – FR354


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Features of the OUTEX motorcycle tubeless kit
• Greatly reduced risk of blowouts.
• Improved handling, less unsprung weight.
• Proven for races and popular to the factory riders in Japan.
• Easy application and durable construction.
• Tire changes made quick and easy.
• Specialised, clear, triple layer construction.
• Easily repairable in the event of a snapped spoke.
• OUTEX CLEAR MOTORCYCLE TUBELESS Kit consists of the following

• Pre cut nipple tapes, seal tape and protection sheet.
• Valve, Gloves, instruction manual and OUTEX sticker.
• The materials selected for this kit have been proven to be highly durable with regards to the heat resistance (up to 140 degrees Celsius), weather resistance and adhesion.
• Tape left over after initial installation can be used for repairs such as spoke replacement.
• Installation of the tubeless kit requires some basic mechanical skills and knowledge.
• Other things needed for the installation process:
• Thinners or grease/oil dispersant to ensure a thoroughly clean, oil free surface for adhesion. Scissors, sharp blade, sandpaper and a 1200 watt hairdryer / heat gun
Weight .450 kg
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 10 cm


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