TechSpec Tank Grip for Kawasaki Z800 62-2522-SS


Increase/maintain control of weight/body position. Eliminate sliding. Improve riding style. Decrease body fatigue. Improve weight adjustment. Protect tank from abuse. Improve re-sale value. Remove and re-use. Customize for functionality as well as creativity. Provide benefits of grip material without damaging leathers .
Developed in the United States of America

Body and weight control are essential techniques with not only aggressive/performance riding, but also with sport/casual touring. By gripping the tank with your legs, you will improve overall control of your body motion, weight position and posture.

Center Piece not included.

Part number : 62-2522-SS

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Bike-specific tailored shape
Special adhesive back allows the tank pads to be removed and repositioned if necessary
Eliminates sliding
Improves riding style
Will not damage leather or textile pants
Note: Please use care when removing the paper backing from the adhesive so as not to pull the adhesive away from the Tank Pad. Installed image for shape and size reference only.

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