Würth Brake Cleaner 700 ml


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Heavy duty brake and parts cleaner
with a unique formulation designed
for the safe and fast cleaning of disc
and drum brakes. Can also be used
for general cleaning of most surfaces
where oil or grease is present.
Consistent chemical quality.
Each batch of Wurth Brake Cleaner is exactly the
same as no chemical by-products are used in our
production process, such as X55. The result is a
consistent and reliable product which delivers the
same outcomes every single time it is used.
Brake and parts cleaner.
• Will clean brake pads, shoes and linings of
oil, dirt and friction material dust.
Isopropyl alcohol based.
• Does not contain chlorhydric acids, C.F.C. or
• Provides optimum cleaning with fast
Leaves no residue.
• Good primer for all engine sealants.
• Perfect for oil leak diagnosis.
Material compatibility.
• O-rings.
• Polypropylene (PP).
• Ethylene-propylene diene monomer (EPDM).
• Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS).
• Polystyrene.
• Paint / 2K Acrylic.
Check rubber and plastic parts prior to
application compatibility.
Occupational Health & Safety:
To reduce the risk of inhaling vapours, we
recommend the use of Wurth Brake Cleaner 20L
and Wurth pump spray bottle used on a fine mist


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