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Jun 28, 2016

The Safest Gear, NOT!

It is 2016, and our motorcycle riding gear too has got the upper edge of technology. With extreme abrasion-resistant synthetic materials and high impact absorption armour and padding in the most scientifically designed equipment that fits our highly vulnerable biological bodies, riding is getting more complicated than ever! Let’s face it! Motorcycling is best enjoyed with just a T-Shirt, a pair of shorts and flip flops – right?


Well, it’s absolutely right if you intend to ride just till you have your first horrible crash after which you can ride no more. That discomfort and that extra weight with the few added degrees to the body temperature is a lot better than the thought of lying on a hospital bed with pretty looking tapes and casts on your limbs, not to forget all the pain and suffering you’d have to go through. Yes, you may be a tough man who has an infinite threshold to pain, but if you are a true motorcyclist, you would rather utilise those bed-ridden days on the open roads!

The very first page in the manual of a very renowned helmet manufacturer says – No Helmet in the world is as safe as riding safe !
We at BikingSpirit would like to correct that a bit… Here’s our saying:


What good would a sophisticated one piece full leather, airbag equipped riding suit do if you overshot a corner and rode off the damn cliff? Yes, you may definitely survive the crash and you may live to tell the story of your 600 foot fall, but would you really be able to get back up and ride again? (please don’t think of an answer to that)

So what exactly is “Riding Safe?””

A very brief explanation to Riding safe in lay-mans terms

  • Every single action of your’s on your motorcycle decides your safety on the road – Silly mistakes can add up and cause danger.
  • Riding calm, in control and well within your limits – A calm rider is more likely to respond faster in the case of a situation.
  • Having complete know-how of your motorcycle with regards to handling and controllability – You oughta know how much to turn the throttle and how to come to a standstill without tossing over! That slight flick to the handlebar can either make or break your fate.
  • Not taking chances – Back off when you have the slightest of doubt! Make your move once you’ve taken all the possible and impossible aspects into consideration
  • Respecting other motorists and pedestrians around – Need respect on the road? Show Respect to other motorists. Yes, they can be real jerks sometimes, but that’s where you need to be the better person.
  • Keeping alert at all times and knowing the world around – Even though you have tucked into your windscreen and you are clipping at 193 km/h, there is always someone faster than you. Don’t let other motorists take you by surprise. Know when they’re coming and let them enjoy their share of pleasure.
  • Predicting the actions of other motorists, pedestrians, living objects & inanimate objects around you – If you see a small pile of mud to the side of the road, then the dog would come onto the road, which may in turn, make the car guy swerve into your lane – and you just happened to be at the exact same spot where he cut in! Try to predict such unfortunate disasters!
  • Maintaining your motorcycle – You should know that your brakes are going to fail before it happens so that you can avoid it from happening. Mechanical failures are potential threats to your riding as it takes away the motorcycle from your control.
  • Don’t rely on luck – If you are hoping that the guy driving the silver SUV won’t cut in, maybe he won’t… but someone else might! Who knows – maybe he just sneezed and you were in the way of his out-of-control vehicle!
  • And for those really really unfortunate times – wearing the correct size and correct purpose riding gear can save your arse too!

Attending schools for track riding and off-road riding can also help improve your control on the motorcycle. Taking up and ever evolving challenge to better your alertness and understanding of the road helps to know what’s coming next.


You can read more about how to select the correct riding gear in our blog section. Please feel free to write to us if you need any personal tips on riding.

Ride Hard, Ride Safe!

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