CYBORG Electric Motorcycle Bob-e Debuts

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Cyborg Electric Motorcycle Bob-e
Cyborg Electric Motorcycle Bob-e

Instead of standard electric two-wheelers, CYBORG focuses on offering niche products to its target audience

Homegrown startup Ignitron Motocorp has unveiled its second ‘Made in India’ electric motorcycle called Bob-e under the CYBORG brand. It will primarily target young people, who may prefer a balanced approach to style and environmental conservation. Last December, the company had unveiled the Cyborg Yoda electric cruiser motorcycle.

Cyborg Bob-e Styling and Features

Cyborg Bob-e takes design inspiration from dirt bikes. It has a compact, sporty profile with features such as low handlebars, slim LED headlight and DRL, raised front fender, trendy LED turn signals, one-piece seat and raised tail section.

On the side, the bike has a sculpted fairing that enhances the overall look and feel. Initially, the bike will be available in two colors: red and black. In terms of features, Cyborg Bob-e is equipped with an IP65-rated LED display. A number of advanced features are offered such as geolocation, geo-fencing, USB charging, Bluetooth connectivity and keyless remote start.

Other key features include reverse mode and cruise control. Cyborg Bob-e also has regenerative braking, which can help increase the overall range. Regenerative braking works by converting kinetic energy into electrical energy, which is then used to charge the battery.

Cyborg Electric Motorcycle Bob-e
Cyborg Electric Motorcycle Bob-e

Cyborg Bob-e Range and Specifications

Bob-e electric motor is equipped with a 2.88 kWH lithium-ion battery that connects to a BLDC hub motor. This is slightly lower than Cyborg Yoda which has a 3.24 kWh battery pack. The Bob-e has a top speed of 85 km/h and a range of 110 km. In comparison, the Yoda electric cruiser has a top speed of 90 km/h and a range of 150 km. The maximum power output is 8.5 kW and there are three driving modes: Eco, Normal and Sport.

Batteries used with Cyborg motorcycles are interchangeable units. Bob-e battery charging time from 0-80% is 3 hours. A full charge requires 4-5 hours. The bike comes with a 15 Ampere fast charger.

Suspension system on board the Bob-e motorcycle consists of standard telescopic forks in the front and fully adjustable monoshock in the rear. The bike has front disc brakes integrated with CBS (combined braking system). The wheelbase and ground clearance is 1240mm and 260mm respectively.

Cyborg Electric Motorcycle Bob-e
Specifications Cyborg Electric Motorcycles: Bob-e and Yoda

Sales and service network

The company is building a nationwide network of sales and service centers. The plan is to cover most parts of North, South and West India. The network will include both distributors and service centers.

For the convenience of customers, Ignitron partners with roadside assistance services. Battery change stations and pay as you go Cyborg stations are also being set up. Cyborg stations are planned to be installed every kilometer.

Sellers will be given the option to set up Cyborg charging stations. These have fast charging units that can be charged to 50% in 30 minutes. Payments to suppliers are credited online along with service fees and premium. Such incentives will be crucial to expand the charging network.