Hero Motorsports Team finishes in top 10 in stage six of Dakar Rally 2022

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Hero Motorsports Team finishes in top 10 in stage six of Dakar Rally 2022

– Stage Six aborted due to track conditions

– 404 km stage was broken off around 100 km

– Stage rankings calculated from arrival times at gas station

The sixth stage of the 2022 Dakar Rally was cut short due to track conditions. The 404km stage was cut short around 100km after riders complained about the extreme dangers on the route.

The car and truck categories had raced on the same route the previous day, breaking the tracks and tearing them out completely. Combined with the impact of the recent heavy rains, the adverse changes to the tracks, especially the danger zones, no longer matched the markings on the day’s road book, making it extremely unsafe for the cyclists.

Hero Right For Three Quarters

The stage classifications for the day were calculated based on the riders’ arrival times at the gas station, located at the 101 km mark. Hero Motorsports Team Rally rider Joaquim Rodrigues took 10th position at this point, while his teammate, Aaron Mare, took 25th. Sherco Factory rider Lorenzo Santolino completed the stage in 12th place, while his teammates, Rui Gonçalves and Harith Noah Koitha Veettil finished 17th and 34th respectively.

The riders were given a rest day in Riyadh on January 8, 2022, before heading back into the desert. In the next stage, the riders will enter an unexplored area of ​​almost 700km before finishing the day in Al Dawadimi.