New KTM 390 Enduro Adventure Motorcycle Spying Test

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2023 KTM 390 Adventure Enduro
2023 KTM 390 Enduro

21-inch front wheel, off-road tires, new swingarm mean business

KTM’s 390 Duke platform has been a cash cow since birth, and the two-wheeler giant isn’t done milking it yet. In the second generation, the modular platform spawned an adventure tourer, in addition to supporting Husqvarna products. Recent spy shots from Europe strongly indicate that the Austrian brand is working on a hard-core 390 off-roader.

KTM 390 Enduro – What’s New?

The new derivative, likely to be called the KTM 390 Enduro, appears to be in an early stage of development, as evidenced by the prototype’s maturity level. The bodywork and equipment are tentative, but they give a pretty good idea of ​​where KTM is going with this model. Having shaped streetfighter, supersport and adventure versions, a hardcore off-roader would round things off nicely.

A closer look reveals that the KTM 390 Enduro has retained the signature trellis frame. The rear subframe also has a familiar look, but a new swingarm, 21-inch front spokes, off-road tires and firm belly emphasize the bike’s serious off-road intent.

The shield for the inverted fork further adds to the Enduro character. Both the front and rear wheels are each slowed down by a disc (probably assisted by a switchable dual-channel ABS). We expect the prototype to evolve significantly as it gets closer to production-ready.

KTM 390 Enduro
KTM 390 Enduro

The signature Duke LED headlight will be part of the final design, but with sophisticated mounting and fairing panels. The TFT color instrument console will likely also be on board.

Made in India?

Bajaj Auto’s Chakan plant has been home to KTM’s compact and medium displacement product family, including the 390 series. We don’t see why this winning approach should change as far as the new model is concerned.

While Europe and the US are expected to be the main markets for the KTM 390 Enduro, we think it could also be an interesting proposition for India. We don’t currently have a purpose built hard core off roader in the medium displacement category and a well priced offering with the KTM decal would spark a lot of excitement among the Indian enthusiasts.

KTM 390 Enduro
KTM 390 Enduro

KTM 390 Enduro Launch When?

As we mentioned, the KTM 390 Enduro has a long way to go before it can hit the road. However, as it is a derivative of a reputable platform, we expect the lead time to be relatively shorter. We think it will be ready in late 2023 or early 2024.

Given the kind of reinforcement needed to endure serious off-road riding, the upcoming model is probably the most expensive member of the 390 family. And KTM may not just stop with one displacement option! A 250 could also be on the cards, but let’s not speculate too soon.

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