New Yamaha Crosser 150 Adventure Motorcycle: Details Explained

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New Yamaha Crosser 150 Adventure Motorcycle: Details Explained

Yamaha recently launched the Crosser 150 in Brazil. While it’s unlikely the bike will make its way to the Indian market anytime soon, here’s everything there is to know about this intriguing new bike from Yamaha.

Motocross Styling

Yamaha MT 15 Right Side View

The Yamaha Crosser has a tall build with a minimalist body. Available in two versions, the S variant gets a shorter bill, while the Z variant comes with a longer bill and wishbones for added off-road capability. The Crosser also gets a small headlight with a fly screen, fuel tank extensions with air intakes that now seem to be synonymous with Yamaha, as well as an upward, side-mounted and high-slung exhaust canister.

List of features

Yamaha MT 15 instrument panel

Because Yamaha has strived for simplicity with the Crosser, the motorcycle receives basic functions such as a conventionally illuminated headlight and a semi-digital instrument panel. It also ensures that ABS meets safety standards.

Gasoline/Ethanol powered engine

Yamaha MT 15 engine from left

With a 149cc 2-valve engine producing 12.2 horsepower and 12.74 Nm, the Yamaha Crosser 150 is not many in number. But it has something interesting to offer. The engine can run on both petrol and ethanol and even delivers 0.1 hp more on the latter.

Off-road focused

Yamaha MT 15 Right Side View

Aside from its off-road-ready body, the Yamaha Crosser also rides on 19/17-inch spoked wheels shod with Metzeler Tourance dual-purpose tires. In addition, it also comes with a long-travel suspension for both ends to further complete its purpose. In addition, the Yamaha Crosser 150 also has a low curb weight of 134kg, although the 845mm seat height would be an issue for smaller riders.