New Yamaha electric scooters on display at dealers in India

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E01 And NEO’s electric scooters made their global debut earlier this year in March; India launch likely next year

Yamaha Electric Scooters On Display To Dealers In India
Yamaha electric scooters on display at dealers in India. Image – Nikam Yamaha

Compared to startups like Ather, Ola, Okinawa, Ampere, Revolt, etc., mainstream two-wheeler manufacturers like Yamaha have yet to broadly target the EV space. There are restrictions on such OEMs as they must continue to focus on their primary gasoline two-wheelers. The good thing is that Yamaha has now taken its first steps in the EV journey by showcasing the E01 and NEO electric scooters at the dealer meeting. Hats off to Nikam Yamaha and Torque TV for sharing the footage.

Yamaha Electric Scooters for India – E01

The E01 is more likely to make it here, as it is comparable to a 125cc petrol scooter. Yamaha already has a strong presence in this space with popular scooters such as Fascino and RayZR. Similar USPs can be made for E01. In addition, Yamaha has already registered the trademark for E01.

As you may recall, the concept of the E01 electric scooter was showcased at the Tokyo Motor Show 2019. The maxi-style scooter has a sporty profile with a prominent front end, dual headlights, a compact windshield and a wide, comfortable seat. a piece. The scooter is expected to be offered in both single and two-tone colors.

Other key features of the E01 include the all-digital instrument console, Bluetooth connectivity and keyless starting. It will have three driving modes: Eco, Normal and Power. The maximum range with a single battery pack is expected to be approximately 70-80 km on a full charge.

Yamaha Electric Scooters For India
Yamaha electric scooters for India. Image – Nikam Yamaha

In European markets, the E01 is likely to be equipped with an 11 kW (15 hp) engine. This is in accordance with the legal requirements for light electric scooters. In Europe, the E01 will debut as part of a ride-sharing fleet.

Yamaha Neo’s Electric Scooter

Neo’s electric scooter, based on the E02 concept showcased at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, recently debuted in Europe at a starting price of EUR 3,005 (about Rs 2.52 lakh). It will go on sale later this year in May.

The Yamaha Neo electric scooter is equipped with a 50.4V, 19.2Ah lithium-ion battery pack that weighs 8 kg. It supplies power to a brushless DC hub motor, which can deliver 2.5 kW (3.4 hp) and 136 Nm of torque in standard mode. The drivetrain is similar to a 50cc scooter. It should be noted that Neo’s is already available as a 50cc petrol scooter in certain markets.

Yamaha Electric Scooters For India
Yamaha Electric Scooters For India

In Eco mode, the output power is limited to 1.58 kW. With a single battery, the range is approximately 38.5 km. This can be extended up to 68 km using a dual battery configuration. Charging time is approximately eight hours using a standard AC charger.

It is not certain whether Neo’s electric scooter will be launched in India. Charging and battery swapping infrastructure is still underdeveloped in the country. This significantly limits the acceptability for an electric scooter with a low range. Market trends indicate that there is a growing preference for electric scooters with a range of around 100+ km.

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