Okinawa sells 1 lakh electric scooters in India

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Okinawa sells 1 lakh electric scooters in India

– Okinawa sells 1 lakh e-scooters in India

– iPraise+, Praises Pro sells the most

Okinawa has claimed that it has sold 1 lakh electric scooters in India since its debut in India. The company currently sells a range of low and high speed electric scooters in India.

According to the company, 60-70 percent of sales came from iPraise+ and the Praise Pro e-scooters. Both scooters are super fast scooters, have a top speed of 58 km/h and are sold through 400 showrooms. The company plans to invest Rs 500 crore over the next three years, half of which will be invested in the first year.

It’s quite interesting to see how Okinawa managed to achieve such a sales figure considering that most of these e-scooters are Chinese. While the company claims that these scooters are made in India, a quick online search will tell you the origin of most of these EVs. In fact, the Ridge+ e-scooter is also sold by other EV brands in India. There are many other EV brands that claim to design and manufacture e-scooters in India, but the reality is that most of them import Chinese kits and assemble them in India.