Ola Electric Scooter Delivery Time

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Ola S1 Pro commits to a guaranteed delivery within 14 days, and in some cases within 24 hours

Ola electric scooter
Ola electric scooter. Image – Yogesh Labde

A few recent tweets indicate that customers will receive the Ola S1 Pro in less than a week, pending the OS update to match the pace. To this end, the company has already announced that a number of customers will receive their MoveOS 2 beta from June 1, 2022. This is according to the company’s plans after the opening of the third purchase window.

Some deliveries were made within 5 days of payment. And some within 24 hours. Since launch, Ola has streamlined bookings for S1 Pro through specified booking periods announced by the company. The most recent was announced for May 21, 2022. The company had done the same in March 2022.

Fast booking and delivery

To ensure a seamless process, potential buyers first make a booking for $499. To confirm a purchase, a payment of 20k must be made when the purchase window opens. For those who reserve in time, further details will be worked out in an email.

The delivery process for Ola Electric is new and could be one that works brilliantly. Instead of waiting to set up brick and mortar stores in city after city, Ola opts for door-to-door deliveries. Those who feel like a test drive can choose a time slot at one of the test locations in a certain city. And now, with an email promise of delivery within 14 days, that’s pretty much all it takes. As is clear, customers don’t even have to wait two weeks. Fast bookings and optimized production to meet ongoing demand continue to help Ola tweak ops.

Ola sales growth

This is more than necessary. The electric scooter manufacturer has set itself competitive goals. Most importantly, his quest to be at the top of the sales chart. At the moment this does not seem a difficult task. Quite simply, while the electric scooter is progressing by leaps and bounds, the overall segment volumes are still low.

Ola quickly topped the sales chart, outperforming Hero Electric and Okinawa last month. All three companies and a few others are currently under massive public scrutiny due to reported fire incidents. Hero Electric has not announced any shipments for April 2022 due to the ongoing global chip shortage.

Growth in the electric scooter segment

With a range of concerns gripping the industry, it’s clear that the electric scooter segment has teething troubles. At the same time, improved sales and demand indicate increased buyer interest. The number of electric two-wheelers available today continues to increase. This in turn gives buyers a real choice.

Confidence in the electric scooter is evident in the price points at which they are available. A growing number of electric scooters are already available at a higher price than the widely sold petrol scooters. The total sales of the two-wheeler segment in India easily exceed 10 lakhs every month. And total electric scooter sales are expected to make a significant contribution soon.