Komine Protect Riding M-PNT 3D


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Light mesh pants with textile and mesh.
Use 3D mesh on the waist and inside the hip to reduce stuffiness and improve comfort. Also equipped with equipment such as adjusters to reduce the gap between knee grip patches and knee protectors.

Versatile summer riding pants suitable for touring and town riding
Elastic, loosely woven 3D mesh lining construction in the waist and hip area for pleasant summer rides


nylon / polyester polyester


knee · side


・ SK-635 KOMINE CE Protector E / K ・ EVa pad ・ waist volume adjuster ・ knee grip patch ・ adjuster ・ reflective panel ・ 3D mesh panel (lining side)

Protector on hips and knees as standard equipment / Protectors: side waists, knees included

Mesh / Mesh material
Use breathable mesh material
Mesh material used.Mesh material

Reflector equipment to enhance night visibility. Reflective panel for night safety

3D cutting / 3D Pattern
Draping to enhance mobility .3D pattern sticks out from material

3D mesh pad / 3D mesh padding

Regular size expansion / Regular Size available

Komine CE Elbow / Knee / KOMINE CE Elbow / Knee

Wide size deployment / Wide Size Available
Waist: +10 cm / Inseam: -5 cm
waist: +10 cm / inseam: -5 cm

4D Copy Protection Label / 4D Copy Protection

3D mesh / 3D mesh

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L, LB, M, MB, S


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Komine Protect Riding M-PNT 3D

Komine Protect Riding M-PNT 3D