Royal Enfield Himalayan vs Yezdi Adventure

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Yezdi Adventure
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Yezdi Adventure matches spec to spec with its closest competitor Royal Enfield Himalayan

Classic Legends recently revived the Yezdi brand by dropping three bombs: Scrambler, Roadster and Adventure. Out of these three, Adventure gets a lot of attention due to the fact that it is so similar to Royal Enfield Himalayan, which is also its closest rival.

Like Himalayan, Yezdi Adventure is also a purpose built adventure bike and it shows in its design. Aside from their design, these two bikes are similar in many ways. This article shows how Classic Legends’ new adventure bike on the block compares to an old seasoned rival, at least on paper.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Vs Yezdi Adventure – Specifications

Starting with the drivetrain, Himalayan clearly receives the larger 411cc SOHC engine which is surprisingly less powerful than the 334cc DOHC unit that powers the Yezdi. While the former delivers peak horsepower of 24 horsepower, the latter pumps out maximum power at 30 horsepower. However, Himalayan has the advantage of slightly more torque achieved at lower RPM than the Yezdi ADV.

While Royal Enfield offers a 5-speed gearbox, Yezdi uses a 6-speed gearbox on its adventure bike. This should help the latter to cruise longer at three-digit speeds. That said, Himalayan has a much simpler setup with its air and oil cooler as opposed to a liquid cooler in Adventure.

Royal Enfield Himalayan vs Yezdi Adventure
Royal Enfield Himalayan vs Yezdi Adventure

Hardware configuration

When it comes to adventure motorcycling, the dynamics of a bicycle is a very crucial aspect. While Himalayan is supported by a half-duplex split cradle frame, Adventure is based on a double cradle frame. Both frames are front-suspended on conventional telescopic forks and a monoshock. Furthermore, both suspension units on both motorcycles offer the exact same suspension travel of 200mm and 180mm front and rear respectively.

Both bikes offer an identical 220mm ground clearance, but the Himalayan saddle is more accessible at 800mm compared to 815mm in Adventure. On the other hand, at 188 kg, Yezdi is lighter than 199 kg Himalaya. Both bikes ride on 21-inch front and 17-inch rear wheels with wire spokes, shod with dual-purpose tubeless tires. In terms of braking, Adventure offers a slightly larger front disc brake.

Features offered

In terms of features, Yezdi Adventure is the clear winner with a longer list of gadgets. For starters, Yezdi will receive an all-digital instrument console as compared to Himalayan’s semi-digital unit. Both bikes get Bluetooth connectivity and turn-by-turn navigation, but Yezdi gets three ABS modes (Road, Off-road and Rain). Himalayan gets a switchable ABS instead. Yezdi also gets full LED lighting which Himalayan lacks.

Royal Enfield Himalayan vs Yezdi Adventure
Royal Enfield Himalayan vs Yezdi Adventure

Price comparison

Price-wise, both bikes are priced dangerously close, but the Royal Enfield is slightly more expensive than its Yezdi counterpart. Himalaya prices start at 2.14 lakh while Adventure is available at a starting price of Rs 2.10 lakh (ex-showroom). On paper, Yezdi Adventure definitely offers more bang for your buck compared to Royal Enfield Himalayan.