Rynox Magnapod tank and rear bag: tested!

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Rynox Magnapod tank and rear bag: tested!

It has a capacity of 21 liters which can be expanded to 28 liters. But that probably wouldn’t give you much idea of ​​the storage capacity. So let’s talk about all the luggage that fits in this bag. I filled this bag with about five t-shirts, jeans, shorts, a small bag (for cables, chargers, power bank and a padlock), snacks and drinks and a pair of shoes, and it happily accommodated all those stuff.

The narrow opening of the lid does make it difficult for certain items, such as a laptop. This was for a three day drive to South Maharashtra last year and I pushed the storage capacity to the max, but the Magnapod didn’t mind my disorganized packing skills.

Royal Enfield Himalaya Right Side View

During the ride, the Rynox Magnapod was mainly used as a rear bag. Of course I installed it on the fuel tank to use his mobile pocket for navigation, but it felt too big when fully unfolded. What was pleasantly surprising, however, was the fact that the bag never moved an inch from its installed position (magnetic or strap mounts) during the ride. Switching between positions isn’t very difficult anyway. Let me explain that in detail.