Sale of electric scooters from Ather March 2022

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Ather Energy Reports Revenue Growth for March 2022, and the Quarter Just Closed – Q1 2022

Ather electric scooters
Image – Ather Energie

While large parts of the auto industry struggle with declining sales, the electric two-wheeler industry appears to have done better in recent months. The overall size of the industry has consistently improved a lot. Sales have increased from a few hundred units to a few thousand units for many electric vehicle manufacturers.

While there are only a handful of affordable electric cars to choose from, the e2W industry is fast becoming a platform of choice. This is largely promoted by the electric scooter industry, which has many offerings now. The electric motorcycle industry is also gaining momentum, but supply is currently limited.

With new age manufacturers making a lot of money, incubation of production is a much faster process for e-scooters these days. In recent years, the number of players in the arena has continued to grow and this trend is further reinforced. Investment is central and changes are happening every day.

Sale of electric scooters from Ather March 2022

Ather Energy has made a profit on sales and continues to build a recognizable brand. In March 2022, sales were reported of 2,591. Ather says that’s growth of more than 120% year-over-year. Sales in March 2021 are likely to be around 1,177 units. Volume gain was approximately 1,414 units. MoM sales also improved. An increase of 2,042 units. Sales growth was 26.89 percent on a volume gain of 549 units.

Sale of electric scooters from Ather March 2022
Sales of Ather electric scooters in March 2022. * are estimated figures, based on Ather’s stated win percentage.

With a great performance during the first 3 months of 2022, the volume gain already stands at over 4.8k units. For the just ended quarter, January sales were highest at 2,825 units. Q1 2022 cumulative sales are reported at 7,458 units. For the corresponding quarter in 2021, sales were reported of 2,633 units. With a volume gain of 4,825 units, growth has more than doubled.

Highest monthly pre-orders ever

Growth is key for Ather Energy. To achieve this goal, the manufacturer is eager to expand in terms of production and operating range. To achieve this, Ather plans to rapidly expand its dealership to reach many more markets in the country. Only recently, outlets have opened in Guwahati, Vijayawada, Tirupati and Bangalore (third outlet in Bangalore).

This means that Ather is now present in 28 cities with 34 Experience Centers. Bangalore is the second city after Delhi to get its third Experience Centre. As they meet growing demand, Ather announced the rollout of its 25000th 450X last month.

Recently, Ravneet S. Phokela, Chief Business Officer, Ather Energy said: β€œAt Ather Energy, we continue to witness strong consumer demand for our 450 Series. We delivered 2,591 scooters in March and have the highest monthly pre-orders ever. While we were only able to deliver a fraction of pre-orders due to component shortages, we continue to actively strengthen our supply chain and reduce latency, including through a strategic partnership with Foxconn to accelerate the scaling-up of our manufacturing ecosystem and meet rising demand.”