Yamaha prices increased April 2022

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It is the third time in 2022 that Yamaha has increased the prices of its two-wheelers; previous prices were revised in January and February

Yamaha R15 V4 Prices April 2022
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The latest price hike for Yamaha scooters and motorcycles is likely due to rising input costs. Prices of Yamaha scooters have been increased from Rs 1,600 to Rs 3,000. Yamaha motorcycles have become more expensive by up to Rs 4,500.

Yamaha Motorcycle Prices April 2022

Yamaha motorcycles have become more expensive at Rs 1,500 to Rs 4,500. In percentage terms, the price increase is in the range of 0.95% to 3.24%. The lowest price increase of Rs 1,500 applies to R15S which is now selling for Rs 1,59,100. Bikes like FZS-FI, FZS-FI Deluxe and FZ-X have gone up in price by Rs 2,500. New prices are Rs 1,18,400, Rs 1,21,400 and Rs 1,28,800 respectively.

Yamaha R15 V4 motorcycle prices have been increased by Rs 3,500. New prices are R15 V4 Metallic Red (Rs 1,76,300), R15 V4 Dark Knight (Rs 1,77,300), R15 V4 Racing Blue (Rs 1,81,300) and R15M V4 Metallic Gray (Rs 1,86,300).

The maximum price increase of Rs 4,500 applies to FZ 25 and FZS 25. These are now priced at Rs 1,43,300 and Rs 1,47,800 respectively. Yamaha motorcycles that have not seen a price hike in April 2022 include FZ-FI, FZ 25 Monster, R15 V3 Gray/Red, R15 V3 Blue, R15 V3 Dark Knight and R15M V4 Monster.

Yamaha Motorcycle Prices April 2022
Yamaha Motorcycle Prices April 2022

Yamaha scooter prices April 2022

As a percentage, Yamaha scooters have become more expensive, ranging from 1.89% to 2.27%. Scooters like Fascino and RayZR have witnessed price increases of Rs 1,600. It applies to most variants, with a few exceptions. For example, the price of RayZR Hybrid Disc – Monster is the same as before.

Maximum price increase for Yamaha scooters is for Aerox 155 which has become more expensive by Rs 3k. New price of Yamaha Aerox 155 is Rs 1.35,000. The maxi scooter was launched in India last September at a starting price of Rs 1.29 lakh. It is powered by the same 155cc engine used with MT-15 and R15 V4.

Earlier this January, Yamaha had increased the prices of Fascino 125cc, RayZR 125cc, R15 V4, FZ X and Aerox. Prices were raised in the range of Rs 800 to Rs 2,000. The company had issued a statement saying that the price increase was due to the sharp increase in raw material costs and the safety regulation of the footrest.

Yamaha scooter prices April 2022
Yamaha scooter prices April 2022

By February 2022, Yamaha had increased the prices of Fascino, RayZR, Aerox and R15 V3 Blue variant. Prices were raised in the range of Rs 1,000 to Rs 1,200. Even with multiple price increases this year and into 2021, Yamaha scooters and motorcycles remain competitively priced. Most other two-wheeler manufacturers have also increased prices several times in the past 12 months.

There could be more price increases later this year as the supply situation continues to be negatively impacted. Import costs have continued to rise, forcing auto companies to shift some of the burden onto customers.